Jack Burns

Jack Burns


About Us

Jack Burns has extensive experience in the insurance business. In 2002, after spending over a decade in the industry, he left to join the family business. Over the next 15 years the business grew to nearly $100 million in sales with 200 employees.

The family sold the business to a private equity firm in 2015. Jack then decided to return to the insurance industry to specifically provide guidance to others who want to grow their business or personal wealth into having unlimited options.


Providing proven economic principles to help clients maximize retirement income and achieve generational wealth.


Our business philosophy is different than most. We want to work with clients that truly want to maximize their wealth potential. We are willing to work with a client to communicate the best way that works for them.

Our economic principles have worked for centuries. We personally use these same financial principles for over 30 years, that we teach our clients.

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